March 06, 2010

A Little More from Merida

Dinner with Friends and Neighbors
IMG_0319: Out with Friends and Neighbors
Clothing in the Plaza
IMG_0334: Market Vendor
Dancing on Sunday
IMG_0345: Dancing on Sunday
Sisal's Pier
IMG_0346: Sisal Pier

There is not a lot to report. We continue to take it easy, which means that we are not doing much. We are enjoying our house, despite the pool now being out of commission. Occasionally we make our way to a restaurant. One night we went out to eat with our neighbors, Juan and Nora, and their house guests - two lovely girls from Japan and Matthew from Pennsylvania. We like to wander around the city on foot. I usually bring the camera and take photos of what looks best.

Sundays are the best for getting out. The main plaza is full of vendors selling embroidered shirts and dresses. Artisans are selling crafts. Live music is performed in front of city hall and dancers show off their steps.

One night the ballet company from Havana put on a wonderful performance off the main plaza in front of the cathedral. Several thousand people showed up for the free performance. Unfortunately there were not enough seats, so many stayed but a short while.

The Beach at Sisal
IMG_0348: Sisal Beach

Last Tuesday we went to the beach at Sisal. It is some thirty miles away. Due to traffic and Mexico's wonderful road system, it only took 75 minutes to get there. Yes, we averaged a whopping 24 miles per hour. The drive time was well worth it. The beach is very nice. They say it is much better than Progresso, which is only 20 miles away. We dipped our toes in the water and decided not to swim; the water temp was too low to make a swim enjoyable. Instead we enjoyed the view from a bar where the cervezas flowed along with free tidbits, called botanas. The botanas were very tasty, especially the local version of ceviche with corn chips. We met a Canadian couple in the bar. They were from Kelowna, BC.

Yesterday we had drinks with Gerardo. He is an Argentinian journalist who has been working in northern Mexico. We met him through the Couchsurfing page, when I noticed that he was working in Merida.

I know that this is a short report. The photos will add a bit of scope. To see a slideshow for this entry, press HERE.

Speaking of photos: I have been posting travel photos to my flickr phototstream. I just added all the photos from 2008 to the collection of Our Travels. Below is a list of blog entries for which I have posted photos. Each listed entry has a link to a slideshow available on my photostream. I have also added these links to my BLOG index.

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