May 09, 2009

Friends and La Boca

Folkloric Dance Show in La Boca

Betty and I continue trying to learn the Tango. We continue to go to La Viruta two days a week. We also do lessons at a local recreation center a couple of more days each week. The rec center lessons have been more valuable lately.

Press HERE to view a slide show of
April and May in Buenos Aires.

Bill and Pablo
Bill and Daniel
Daniel Grimberg
Bill and Daniel

Saturdays I try to hang out with my friends Pablo and Daniel. A couple of weeks ago Pablo and I went to the Buenos Aires Book Fair, which fills a large convention center. Last week I joined Pablo and Daniel in a group of poetry readers. Not that I am a great poetry lover, but my friends are - so I am expanding my horizons.

Besides dancing, we try to get out on Sundays. Last Sunday we visited La Boca. Hundreds of folks show up to check out the local artists, maybe visit a museum, eat a steak and watch a show with live music. Mostly there have been Tango shows, but last week they had folkloric dancers too. Check out the video to see a bit of it.

We have found some new friends, Carlos and Gayle Baberis. Like Betty and I they are from the USA. They are thinking about retiring to Buenos Aires, so they picked our brains on our experiences in 2005. It was really fun to meet them.

We have less than ten more days to drink in Buenos Aires. We will try to make the most of it. We are also really missing our family, especially the grandkids. We are really looking forward to being with them again.

Posted by bill at May 9, 2009 09:52 AM

Hola Bill!

Happy to read about all your BsAs experiences!
Really glad to know you and Betty are pursuing the tango--a pleasure to last all of your life!
Have you posted any photos of milongas? Or maybe I just missed them?

Keep listening, keep feeling, keep expressing the music with your body and soul! Viva el tango!


Posted by: Cherie at May 9, 2009 11:04 PM