January 30, 2004

First Entry

Having travel the world over, sometimes I am amazed that any one lives in Minnesota. Being here during the hottest or coldest times of the year can shock your system.
Today was the coldest day in the past five years. It was 25 degrees below zero this morning, that's 32 degrees below in Celsius. Car batteries freeze. Throw a pail of water in the air and it instantly turns to ice crystals or snow. And guess what people want to talk about: the time when they were twelve and had to hike 20 minutes in minus 40 temperatures. Despite the cold, it can be sunny this time of the year. Today it was bright and sunny at two in the afternoon but still well below zero (-20c). I took the picture below this after noon.
This is why I am no longer a resident of the frozen state. I wouldn't bother to come here if it wasn't to see the family. I would rather be south of the border any day!

I am glad that within two weeks, I will be in sunny Mexico. It will be great to see all my old friends there. And I hope to meet some more people as I visit several new cities, like Guadalajara, Pueblo, and Vera Cruz.

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