August 09, 2005

Costume Party

Allyna Steinberg and Us at Cafe Tortoni

Allyna Steinberg left Buenos Aires yesterday. As I mentioned in my last entry, she spent a month here having fun. She devoted a lot of time to making friends, learning Spanish and dancing the Tango. She is a pretty, sweet young woman. We took her to the airport, but not before stopping at Cafe Tortoni. Cafe Toroni has been operating for more than 150 years in the same location. Its décor has not changed in all those years and one feels as if you stepped into the mid 1800's when you enter. There is a small stage in the back where there is an occasional Tango show. In another room off the back sits two large old pool tables. One can find a good cup of coffee here and a nice sandwich. So Allyna departed and she is in New York as I write.

Birgitta also is in New York. She wanted to fly out of New York on her way to visit us. Yes, she is coming and will be here Thursday morning.. We are so excited that she will be with us for the next three weeks!

This past weekend, our friends Santeri and Päivi had a birthday party. They say that they are seventy, that is their ages added up equal 70 years. It was a costume party. I cannot every remember getting an elaborate costume for a party before. But we dutifully complied and won the door-prize for the best costumes. We were transformed into the Irish Nun, Sister Elizabeth, and Julius Sundstromus Caesar. We took a lot of pictures of the festivities. With the help of PhotoShop, I was able to get most of them to look pretty good in spite of all the smoke. What smoke? you ask. From the smoke machine they had running all evening. The evening was a lot of fun. I hope the captionless pictures that follow tell the tale. Press HERE to see a slideshow of costume party photos.

IMG_2480.jpg IMG_2481.jpg IMG_2484.jpg IMG_2485.jpg
IMG_2491.jpg IMG_2505.jpg IMG_2511.jpg
IMG_2506.jpg IMG_2503.jpg IMG_2488.jpg
IMG_2513.jpg IMG_2515.jpg
IMG_2504.jpg IMG_2499.jpg IMG_2492.jpg IMG_2501.jpg
Posted by bill at August 9, 2005 03:44 PM

It was worth waiting for. The photos of Bill and Betty in constume will remain emblazoned upon my fragile but functioning memory till the next blue moon. Thanks!!!
Love, Mickie

Posted by: Mickie Turk at August 9, 2005 11:26 PM

Hello Bill. It was good to see you on 12/16/05 at Steve's retirement party. I thank you for giving me your website. Latin America is a fun & beautiful place to visit. This why I go to another world (Mexico) in February. I agree with you, why come back to the frozen tundra, when you can be at the beach, with your toes in the sand & a corona in your hand watching the beautiful sunsets & listening to the ocean waves. It does feel like you are in a whole new world when you leave MN in the winter. Just a comment on the halloween pics. I like your caesar costume. They say you do dress at halloween like your past life. So you must have been an emperor back in the day. Best wishes to you and your family. Adios. Margarita (no salt) San Roman.

Posted by: Margie Sanroman at December 16, 2005 07:55 PM