November 05, 2016


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Basilica of St. Petronius
Basilica of St. Petronius IMG_1157

Boys in Piazza of Saint Stefano

Piazza of Saint Stefano IMG_1169

Lion at Duomo of Modena

Duomo IMG_1199

This is the least interesting of the cities that we have visited during this journey around the Adriatic Sea. Still Bologna offered one of the largest and most beautiful churches, the Basilica of St. Petronius. Of course, our feelings about this may have something to do with the weather, which has been cool and most overcast. The weather could best described as dreary.

There are several spectacular churches here, and we visited them along with a few smaller churches. The only other places of great interest were a very old library and two tall towers.

Street Musicians Mata Bicho

We have heard some good street musicians. One day, there was some sort of soapbox speaker in the main square.

We did have one very sunny and fairly warm day on Wednesday. On that day we traveled to Modena. Modena is a small city that once rivaled the much larger city of Bologna. While smaller, it seemed brighter (well the sun was out) and it was a lot cleaner. We found some nice squares and a fantastic Duomo with its huge tower. There was a wonderful covered market where one could find all sorts of foods, from vegetables to fish to cheese and to meat. At the market visited a vendor of cheese and vinegar. Of course I mean Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and Balsamico di Modena vinegar. He explained the difference in the products and had us taste the 12, 24 and 36 month cheese and three or four vinegars. They were amazing. We dropped a few Euros at his shop.

There are a lot of photos so be sure to view the slide show.

We will be flying back to the USA on Sunday, where we have heard that they are experiencing the nicest autumn in many years and a truly lovely election experience. It will be great to be home.

Bill and Betty in Modena
Eating a Lunch of Cheese, Olives and Bread

Bill and Betty IMG_1753

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