April 30, 2014

April in Cuernavaca

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Peacock in Full Color
IMG_5909: Peacock
Strutting Peacock and Betty
IMG_0337 Strutting Cock
View of the Roman Garden
IMG_5939 Roman Garden
Entrance to Cactus Garden
IMG_5948: Cactus Garden

The first week in April was all about Betty's birthday. She has gotten old enough to go on Medicare, and as her spouse I will get to join her. Trouble is, she does not know what to do yet.

Lunch by the Zocolo
IMG_0401: Lunch
Club de Golf Los Tabachines
IMG_0411: Club de Golf Los Tabachines
Wall of Seed Art
IMG_5955: Wall of Seeds
Quesadilla Maker
IMG_5959: She Made me a Quesadilla

We celebrated one night by visiting the oldest restaurant in Cuernavaca, La India Bonita. It was once the mansion of Dwight Morrow. a former US Ambassador to Mexico. On the night of her birthday we went to the well known Las Maņanitas. They have a piano bar, and restaurant seating that over looks a beautiful garden. In the garden there are peacocks, and rather large and colorful parrots. When the peacocks opened their feathers, it was quite a beautiful sight.

The very next day we visited Jardines de Mexico. The gardens are very beautiful. They finished the construction and had the inauguration ceremonies around the first of April. We were there on the ninth and everything was completed except the scent greenhouse. We were impressed. They were not as great as the Butchart Gardens in British Columbia; still it was very impressive. The gardens are about 35 miles south of Cuernavaca and one could easily miss the turn off to them. The best part of the gardens is the cactus display.

But really, we have mostly been taking it very easy: walking to the city center once a week, swimming a couple of days every week, and the dinner out from time to time. The best of the dinners out are the occasional Saturday night dinners with Jim and Jane. Jim is our landlord and Jane rents another of Jim's apartments. We have done some pretty fine dining with them. One the best was Easter Brunch at Club de Golf los Tabachines. The view from the restaurant balcony was stunning and the food was very good. By the way, the tabachine tree is in flower right now. Its super orange flowers make a spectacular vision.

Speaking of neighbors. A French couple moved into the apartment above us. They have three-month old twin girls. They have been here all month waiting to get documents from both the French and Mexican governments, so they can bring their girls home. He is a fine artist and is creating a children's book.

Last Sunday, we visited Tepoztlan. It was once a sleepy little village 10 miles east of Cuernavaca. Today it is quite the tourist attraction for their artisan markets on Wednesday and Sunday. We went to see the art and get souvenirs for Joey and Lucy. We succeeded in our goal and bought a number of items for them.

We are headed north tomorrow. It takes several days to get to the northland. We are not excited about returning to cold and maybe snowy weather that has persisted in the northland. But we will be so happy to see Johanna, Lucy and Birgitta.

White Peacocks in Full Feather
IMG_0341 Peacock

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