March 22, 2014


The Bells of Cuernavaca

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from Cuernavaca.

Acacias Street
IMG_0293: Acacias
Old Gem on Acacias
IMG_0295: Red Karmann Ghia
In the Pool
IMG_0300: In the Pool
Calla Lily in the Garden Window
 IMG_0311: Calla Lily in the Window
Balloon in the Zocolo
IMG_0294: Balloon Seller
Bird of Paradise
IMG_0308: Bird of Paradise
Passion Fruit Flower
IMG_0307: Passion Fruit Flower

Can you hear the church bells ringing? They ring three times in the morning and a few more times in the later afternoon. Some times we here cannons firing in the afternoon too. There are several pictures from our garden. There are flowers and a pool. The view of the Jacaranda trees blooming is wonderful. The weather is near perfect here with highs in the 80's with very low humidity every day and lows in the 50's at night. One could not ask for a much better location to spend the winter months. If you want to get more of a feeling for the sights and sounds of Cuernavaca, listen to my YouTube video from the Zocolo, the central plaza, in Cuernavaca.

We are renting an apartment from Jim Horn, a retired SUNY professor. He is quite an expert on travel to Cuernavaca and has written a guide book on living in Cuernavaca. If you are thinking about visiting the city, you may want check out the Jim Horn News.

We live near the end Acacias street, about two miles (3 km) from the center of Cuernavaca. There is a large gate closing off the last 200 yards of the street. Everyday we go out to spy a gem of an old, parked car, a red Karmann Ghia. A couple of times each week we walked to the center. We walk mostly for exercise. However, we have not walked back yet, because the trek back is all up hill. In the center we can find good coffee and strawberries at 80 cents per kilo.

We usually buy groceries at the supermarket. That may change a bit. We walked to the main public market a few days ago and found a wealth of very inexpensive fruits and vegetables, mostly costing less than half the supermarket prices. By the way, I love the fresh tortilla. At 80 cents to $1.30 per kilo, the tortillas are quite the bargain too. The fruit I love the most is papaya. It is plentiful and with taste beyond compare. I never buy them in the states, because the ones shipped there are always so bad.

I cannot say that we have been doing much. We get a bit of exercise most days by walking or swimming. We watch TV, listen to the radio, and read. I have read a couple of books in the past three weeks. We have visited a few fine dining restaurants on the weekend.

I know that all does not sound so interesting. But I will make no excuses, because I am enjoying this quiet time a lot. Betty and I are so busy the rest of the year, why shouldn't just take it easy for a couple of months.

Speaking of busy people, our old friend Nacho has been so busy that we have not really been able to spend any time with him. I hope that changes in the next couple of weeks.

The View from Our Apartment
IMG_0298: View from Our Apartment

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