April 18, 2011

Lucy and Jo Visiting Gran and Papa

Lucy at the Park
IMG_2638: Lucy at the Park
Jo Says, Take That
IMG_2640: Jo at the Counter
The Kids on a Slide
IMG_2646: Kids on the Slide

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Good Food - Yum, Yum!
IMG_2663: Yum, Yum!
Some Tears
IMG_6044: Lucy - So Sad
At the Corpus Christi Aquarium
IMG_2655: At the CC Aquarium
Whales and Dolphins
IMG_2656: At the CC Aquarium
Johanna Riding Angel
IMG_6079: Jo and Angel with Birgitta in the Lead
Lucy and Terri Davis
IMG_6083: Lucy and Terri Davis

We acutally had more visitors than just our granddaughters, Johanna and Lucy. Birgitta drove all the way to Corpus Christi from Farmington, MN. They came for about two weeks and we had lots of fun with them. We brought them to the local playground several times. And, of course, there were several trips to both the beachs on North Padre Island and the Port Aransas Beach on Mustang Island.

There were two special events. The first was a visit to the Corpus Chrisiti Aquarium. They had a blast, especially the water show. Then there was a day of horse-back riding. The girls had a wonderful time at Gait and Grace Ranch in Gregory.

Seth flew down a few days before they left to help with the three day ride back to Minnesota. All in all, it was a great two weeks with Birgitta and the grandkids.

The same morning that they left, my brother and his wife drove up from South Padre Island. They spent two nights with us before returning to Brownsville. It was a really nice visit.

When we came down, we were thinking about buying property. I realized that I am not ready to spend every winter in the same place. And if I ever get to that time, Corpus Christi might not be the place. Life is slow here and there is not a lot to do, unless you like fishing. With a boat and a condo or house on the island, that would be a very sweat deal for a boater or fisherman. There is a lot of really inexpensive properties for sale on North Padre Island.

This our last week in Corpus Christi. We will be head north where we can enjoy another style of living.

Shark's Lunch
IMG_2651: Mouth of the Shark
Johanna and Angel
IMG_6075: Standing with Angel and Jo
I Like this Horse
IMG_6084: I Like this Horse
We Are Riding
IMG_6096: We Are Riding
Lucy and Jo
IMG_2720: Lucy and Jo Sunning
Lucy on the Move
IMG_6111: Lucy on the Move
Jo is Flying
IMG_6125: Dancing Jo
Hello, I'm Lucy
IMG_6136: Lucy

Photos from the North Padre Island and Mustang Island Beaches

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IMG_2677: Building Castles IMG_2686: Little Lucy IMG_2683: Johanna IMG_114843: Grandpa with his Girls IMG_114855: Lucy IMG_114859: Johanna IMG_2698: Lucy, Jo and Birgitta IMG_112154: Johanna IMG_112201: Lucy IMG_2702: Lucy IMG_2705: Johanna
IMG_2690: The Girls

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