March 22, 2011

a Few Photos on North Padre Island

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of North Padre Island.

Making Chicken Enchiladas
IMG_2629: Making Enchiladas
Kicking Back with Marilyn and Greg
IMG_2632: Marilyn, Greg and Bill
Greg and Marilyn
IMG_2635: Greg and Marilyn

Gulls on our Balcony
IMG_2624: Gulls on the Deck

North Padre Island is generally very quiet, warm, sunny and always very windy. And it has been that way since we got here six weeks ago. The only exception was last week when a lot of folks came to the beach for spring break. We try to get into the city twice a week to do some shopping and see a movie. There is no grocery store on the island, so its an eight-mile drive to the closest grocery store. In a pinch, we can pick up some items at the gas station or drug store. The island has good restaurants and we eat out a couple of times each week.

We walk almost every day from 40 to 90 minutes, which amounts to about four miles each day. We have walked almost every mile of the roads on the island. It is great exercise and a good way to get a close-up view of the homes on the island. There is a lot of real estate for sale on the island, some priced so low that is shocking. Most of the homes have a canal in the back yard with access to the gulf or Laguna Madre.

Our good friends, Marilyn Leonard and Greg Speltz, came for a visit on Saturday and left just this morning. We had fun: walking, talking, and eating, and drinking. We really love visitors when we are away from home.

In just a couple of days, Birgitta will be here with our granddaughters, Johanna and Lucy.

North Padre Island Beach
IMG_2619: Island Beach

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