March 14, 2013

Winding Down

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from Santa Marta.

Taganga's Beach
IMG_4085: Beach

Heavy Surf
IMG_4086: Beach

Well we are moving on from Santa Marta. I mentioned in my last post that we would be leaving Santa Marta a month early due to the problems with our landlord and the heat. We are on our way to Barranquilla today.

View from the Restaraunt

So, how hot is it. Everyday for the past month the daily high temperature has been at least 95f (35c) and daily low has been at least 75f (24c). Thank goodness that the humidity levels are not crazy high at 75f, which most Minnesotans consider to be very uncomfortable. When we came we knew that it would be hot, but not this hot. The biggest cities in Colombia are at fairly high altitudes. Bogota is at 8300 feet (2550 m) so it is much cooler with highs often less than 70f. Medellin at 4900 feet (1500 m) is in between the coast and Bogota with highs in the 70's.

The only thing of interest that we have done is visit Taganga. We rode the three miles to the fishing village by bus. The beach is lined with little, inexpensive restaurants. We found one and I ordered Red Snapper. Snapper is my favorite fish that comes from the Caribbean Sea.

Well I will write again in a few days. We will travel to Cartagena after Barranquilla.

Taganga's Beach
IMG_4088: Beach

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