February 08, 2011

Off to Texas

Biloxi Bay Bridge Mosaics
IMG_2593: Biloxi Bay Bridge Mosaics

To view a very short video of all four mosaic panels, press HERE..


Katherine, Daniel, Rachel, Nanette and Terry Shamsie
IMG_2595: Katherine, Daniel, Rachel, Nanette and Terry

Our new car was shipped from Sweden after we dropped it off in December. We picked it up in Golden Valley on the 15th of January. Then we wrapped up our preparations to leave the cold, cold North.

The Twin Cities was cold as a snowman's nose on Wednesday, January 26th, being well below zero - that's colder than -20 celsius. Betty and I headed a couple of hours south to La Crosse, Wisconsin. We had come to visit Steve and Ellen, my brother and his wife. We had not seen them since last summer. It was great to visit. Steve is a wonderful cook and he made a great dinner. We had Martinis before dinner and lots of red wine during and after our supper. Betty was feeling awfully good by the end of the evening, which led to an annoying headache the next morning.

We left La Crosse early Thursday morning. We drove all day and finally stopped in Blytheville, Arkansas. The next day we drove the rest of the way to my father's house in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

We spent several days with my dad. We were able to take several long walks. One day we hiked the beach from the bay bridge to the harbor club. We really enjoyed visiting with my dad; we talked and talked and talked. On Sunday we were treated to a dinner with dad and Paul. We really enjoy our stays with him.

On Wednesday, February 2nd, we drove all day long to Corpus Christi. We spent the next five days visiting with Terry and Nanette. They have three wonderful teen-aged children: Daniel, Katherine and Rachel. They were so kind. The thing I like best about Terry was his politics and his critical thinking skills. How such a liberal was ever able to survive and thrive for all these years in this very conservative county in beyond me, but it is surely a testament to his strong and intelligent character. His wonderful wife was just as bright and had a grand warm soul. The children are hard-working and very bright. They each speak multiple languages, from Chinese to Arabic to Italian. As many as seven! We loved the long discussions with the family about life and politics. Everyday was great, except for the weather, which had turned cold. On Friday night ice coated the houses, trees and roads, not inches of ice but maybe a quarter inch. Crazy as it sounds, they closed the freeways for nearly two days.

We spent our days looking for a place to rent or buy. I really did not want to buy before I knew how much I really liked the place. Terry had provided us the name of an excellent real estate agent. She found us a good but pricey rental on North Padre Island.

We moved in yesterday. While it is only a one-bedroom unit, there are four beds and it could sleep eight. We are looking for Birgitta and the girls to visit before we head north again.

The View from Our Balcony of Laguna Madre
IMG_2601: Laguna Madre

Posted by bill at February 8, 2011 05:32 PM

hi u two.........good luck on this expedition.
We were sorry not to hear from u....about Mexico.I see now , that new plans are a foot ....good for u !! We r off to Bucerias to look around. Friends have a condo there & we r renting one in same complex. Will let u know how it goes. We leave on Feb 22nd.,Jim has officially retired .....looking around...LOL.
We had a wonderful two weeks at a Resort in Panama. .Jim was so happy to do the 3 Panama Locks to Pacific. Nice day Trip....better than being stuck on Ship for weeks .LOL We loved the Gamboa Resort.....fun to see all that...after Reading " The Tailor of Panama ". We bought the Movie & watched it at our Cottage last weekend....very cold here...when we left Panama it was PLUS 34 Degrees C & we arrived in Edmoton to MINUS 38C. !! We r hardy people .....Hows the weather where u are now ??
Looks so nice on Padre Island...good luck !
We have gmail now when we travel...jmnchlsn@gmail.com
No vowels.....mine lisenicholson@gmail.com
All the best in your new adventure...xxxxxxxx

Posted by: lise nicholson at February 9, 2011 10:25 AM