March 17, 2004


Betty suggested that I head some 40 miles north to Tlaxcala. I arrive in early afternoon. I found a wonderful little hotel with large rooms and a fantastic view. I paid 200 pesos and it was worth every centavo. I could not have been happier with finding it. This is a very charming little town. The buildings are well maintained. Some of them are 500 years old. I walked all over the town in about four hours, seeing the theater, a small chapel, the basilica, the main plaza, the town hall with its fantastic murals. In my wandering I met a letter carrier. They make about $500 a month. I saw his apartment. I could not like in such a place. It was an interesting encounter. I went to a museum of local handicrafts. One thing they produce here is pulque, liquor similar to tequila - but made from a relative of the agave.
In the evening I went I had an excellent dinner. I asked for a typical plate from Tlaxcala and received Pollo Tocatlan. After dinner, I stopped at a bar that had tap beer, an extreme rarity in Mexico. I spent an hour or two chewing the fat with the bartender, a waiter - Oskar, and the bar owner's son - Marko. There is little to do in these sleepy little towns in the evening. So, I quickly called a day.

Press HERE to see a slideshow of Puebla and Tlaxcala.

Bird's Eye View of Tlaxcala

Posted by bill at March 17, 2004 11:25 PM

My wife and I have been to Tlaxcala a couple of times and enjoy this very historic city. Did you have a chance to visit the government palace and view the outstanding murals that describe the local history and much of Mexico's history as well?

In viewing your blog, you certainly have hit a lot of interesting places. We have lived in Mexico for nine years and have tended to avoid the big cities like Puepla and Mexico City but will have to reconsider that.

Posted by: Charlie Montemayor at March 21, 2004 08:39 PM